Have you tried Grove Collaborative?

21st Feb 2018

I stumbled upon Grove Collaborative the other night while trying to find someone who had my Mrs. Meyer’s Baby Blossom Laundry detergent in stock. They had it, and it was less than what I normally pay for it! Grove was also offering free gifts with your purchase and I received everything pictured, shipped to me just two days later, for only $25! I normally pay around $16-18 for the detergent so this was a great deal. The free items were: Grove Glass Spray Bottle with a Silicone Sleeve (this bottle is beautiful!) Mrs. Meyer’s – Hand Soap in Mint (love […]

Chocolate Play Dough Activity

24th Feb 2013

Every time my little guy plays with this chocolate play dough, the whole house smells delicious! I’m not sure how this would work with a younger child since the scent is so enticing, but he is 4 and old enough to understand that it’s not to eat. This is actually the second time I have made this with my little guy. The first time we used cookie cutters and cupcake wrappers and the fun lasted for a little while. This time, I let him do his own thing, and guess what, it makes great dirt! And logs. He was so […]

Strawberry Handprint Art – Free Printable

10th May 2012

Update: This is an old post from 2012, but I’ve updated the free printable for Mother’s Day 2018! Instead of purchasing store bought cards, I always try to have my kiddos make something for special occasions – and I have to admit our holiday crafts usually involve some sort of handprint or footprint art!  It’s meaningful to the recipient, fun for the kids and easy clean up! I’ve had this post (Sorry! Their link is no longer working!) from House of Baby Piranha pinned on my Pinterest board forever and thought it would be perfect for little L’s four grandmom’s […]