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Chalkboard Pantry Door Update

24th Nov 2018

I’m excited to share this little project we completed over the weekend.  Originally we had hoped to replace the pantry door with a door from Luke’s old family farmhouse.  Unfortunately it was just too damaged so we went with plan b and I do really love how it turned out. 

The new door is a 1-Panel Hollow Core Slab Door from Lowe’s. Luke used a router jig (also from Lowe’s) and the old door as a template for the hinges. Color-wise I was trying to coordinate with my favorite little vintagey radio… as you can see in the before pic we tested a couple different colors on the old door before removing it 🙂

The Krylon in Satin Beach Glass was the best match. Being able to spray it on also gave the door a very smooth surface. We used 4 cans of paint total to cover both sides.

The lock set with glass knob is from Amazon in the classic bronze finish.  Love it!  I wish we could use these on every door! I don’t think having doors that lock with real skeleton keys is ideal with 3 kids though. Both the keys and our privacy would be non existent.

I had planned on using chalkboard paint but when I came across this chalkboard contact paper on Amazon I thought it might be a better, easier solution and I am really happy with it. See how easy it was to put up? 😉

I love how bright and cheerful it is!  We have similar (5 panel) doors for the kids bedrooms and I’m tempted to let them pick whatever color they each want!  Perhaps Mom will retain veto rights though.

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