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Garden Plans 2013

2nd Mar 2013

My little guy LOVES dirt. So naturally, gardening and planning our garden has become something I can get him interested in that doesn’t have 4 wheels, tracks or a bucket. Who am I kidding? The excavators and tractors are very much a part of our gardening! He was delighted to help plant some seeds and we’ve both had fun seeing how the little sprouts are doing each morning.


{Tri-color peppers, sweet peas, foxglove, chives, mint and lavender}

This year we plan to (hopefully) re-do all of the garden beds around the house. They have been on the to-do list forever, but took a back seat to all of the indoor projects.

Here is my vision for the front, which is largely shaded by a big red maple:

The limelight hydrangea is already there, along with some candytuft and two dead azaleas that need digging up. I’m hoping the end result is something similar to this “bold woodland shade garden” plan from BHG. (They have a lot of great FREE garden plans)

And for the sides of the house (partial/full sun):

I love that both the roses and portulaca are repeat bloomers (and two of my favorites), so hopefully our garden will be lovely even at the peak of summer. I’m still browsing and researching these “Long Blooming Garden” plans to try and make the most of the gardens for multiple seasons … I wonder if the actual gardens are half as pretty as their illustrations? Can’t wait for warmer weather!

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