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Risqué kitchen flooring?!

25th Feb 2018

Yep, you read that title right. Risqué kitchen flooring.

In my previous post about our kitchen, I explained how I inadvertently started our kitchen remodel by ripping off our wall attempting to use some adhesive subway tiles 😂 Stage 2 of said kitchen remodel is going about as well. 

Long story short, I ditched my dream flooring, Mannington’s Deco in Wrought Iron for something more budget friendly. I came across this product – Walnut Ember Java Vinyl Plank. It was the deal of the day and even less $ than what you see on the site!  It has great reviews, mostly all 5 star and is waterproof and non-toxic! Sold.

So I order it that night and it arrives a few days later.  Yay! I am so excited to be replacing the green and white diamond pattern linoleum.  Only problem is, the floor seems to be more excited than me:

Do you see what I see?

So Luke and I are asking each other… “Do you see what I see?”… “That can’t be, right?”  We decide to get a second opinion and we ask our parents… and they all see it too.
So, yeah… at this point no way am I putting it in our new house. So now we’re back to square one for our flooring.  And I’m just over here laughing… and crying.  And searching for some less risqué flooring.

Update: The customer service rep I spoke to at Home Depot was really sweet and we shared a good laugh over this as I delicately tried to explain the issue.  After seeing the photos and talking to her supervisor they sent me a gift card for the cost of 2 boxes of flooring, so we can remove these particular planks and still use the rest.  

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